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HDZ set to win Croatia parliamentary vote, but without a majority
Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, from HDZ
Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, from HDZ Credit: Preiss/ MSC (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) is the probable winner of the parliamentary election on Sunday. According to an exit poll from Ipsos agency, HDZ was set to win 61 out of 151 parliamentary seats, with the top opposition party the Social Democrats (SDP) and its smaller allies which grabbing 44 seats.

Neither of the two main parties will be able to form a government without going into coalition, and Deutsche Welle reports Prime Minister Plenkovic, from HDZ, may have a better chance of finding allies to form the next government.

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Exit polls for Presidential Election in Poland - no candidate wins in the first round

According to the exit polls first round of Presidential Election did not result in any of candidates reaching the threshold of over 50% votes required for securing the win.

The exit poll taken by Ipsos shows that following two candidates got majority of votes - Andrzej Duda (41,8%) and Rafał Trzaskowski (30,4%). They will take part in the second round of the Election that will take place in 2 weeks, on 12th of July.