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Muslim community thanks IKEA for letting them pray in car park to keep physical distancing
Muslims praying in IKEA car park
Muslims praying in IKEA car park Credit: IGMG Wetzlar FATİH CAMİİ via Facebook

The Ikea store in Wetzlar near the German city of Frankfurt had agreed to let the local mosque use the car park for their prayers. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic distancing measures were required and in a Facebook post, the Muslim community IGMG Wetzlar FATİH CAMİİ thanked the local police and the store for their help in making the prayers possible.

IKEA China reminds people not to masturbate in its stores
IKEA store
IKEA store Credit: Pexels/Alexander Isreb

After a video of a woman masturbating in an IKEA store in China went viral, the company released a statement reminding people not to masturbate in its stores. The video, which allegedly has been scrubbed from Chinese social media, shows the woman touching herself on various furniture pieces in IKEA showrooms. The statement of the Swedish furniture store said that they would take “even more careful security and public cleanliness measures” and asked customers to “browse stores in an orderly and civilised way”.

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IKEA announces that 70% of materials during 2018 have been renewable or recycled

The furniture retailer and producer from Sweden has announced that in their pursuit of using 100% materials that are renewable or recycled by 2030, they have reached the milestone of 70% in 2018.

IKEA donates 50,000 face masks to hospital after finding forgotten stock

The Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg has gotten an unexpected gift from IKEA. In one of the stores, 50,000 face masks have been found that were bought during the bird flu outbreak. After finding them stocked away in a warehouse the management agreed to donate them to Sweden's biggest hospital.