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Germany: Ex-AfD faction spokesman Christian Lüth secretly filmed talking about the gassing of migrants

The former press spokesman of the AfD Bundestag faction who has been on leave since spring, Christian Lüth, has been dismissed with immediate effect. Previously a video of him had been aired in a TV documentary where he speaks of "shooting" and "gassing" in connection with migrants.

Protection of the Constitution: Event at the Reichstag could not be foreseen
Reichstag Credit: Dennis Jarvis (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

After an analysis, the Berlin Office for the Protection of the Constitution classified the events on the stairs of the Reichstag on August 29, in the context of the Corona demonstration in the House of Representatives. According to the security authorities, the action was spontaneous and unpredictable. There were announcements on the Internet, but these were classified as verbal aggression together with the State Criminal Police Office.

A total of around 2,500 to 3,000 people from the Reich citizen scene and other right-wing extremist organizations took part in demonstrations in Berlin this weekend.

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Germany criminalizes upskirting and pictures of accident victims
Bundestag plenar hall
Bundestag plenar hall Credit: Andreas Praefcke (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)

The German parliament Bundestag has criminalized taking nonconsensual pictures under skirts or dresses. Under current legislation, it hadn't been illegal in most cases while under new legislations the perpetrators can be sentenced to up to two years of prison time. The same penalties will be applied to taking pictures and photographs of deceased accident victims as the current legislation only protected survivors.

Military Counterintelligence (MAD): New Dimension of Right-Wing Extremism in the German Bundeswehr
Military Counterintelligence (MAD): New Dimension of Right-Wing Extremism in the German Bundeswehr
Credit: "Yellow line" by photoheuristic.info (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

In a public parliamentary hearing in the Bundestag, the President of the MAD had to admit that patriotism in the Bundeswehr continues to be a difficult issue. The Bundeswehr is currently counting a total of 600 suspected cases from right-wing extremism to "Reichsbürgertum". The focus of the activities is currently still the Special Forces Command (KSK), where the investigators focus on around 20 people.

According to the MAD president the goal must be that the "wall of silence" cracks.

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Arson attack on German parliament building
Representative picture of the Reichstag building
Representative picture of the Reichstag building Credit: unsplash.com / Christian Lue

Unknown suspects have tried to light a chipboard on the east side of the German Reichstag on fire. The board had replaced a broken window and the suspects placed flammable fluid on it and lit it up. The fire brigade was dispatched with a contingent of 50 people but the chipboard didn't catch fire and the fire brigade didn't need to intervene. The deployment was over after 30 minutes. At this point it is unclear if the suspects have been filmed by video cameras and the police state security is investigating.

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Germany wants to support businesses with 750 billion Euros in Emergency Aid

The German government presented a plan to help all kinds of businesses, including small companies, freelancers as well as large businesses. The plan includes credit guaranties as well as direct investments into companies and special financial support for hospitals. Regulations regarding Germanys short-time work and welfare programs as well as bankruptcy rules will be eased, and landlords will no longer be able to evict due to missing rent payments. The German Bundestag and Bundesrat still needs to accept the plans.