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Cyprus to suspend the citizenship for investment programme

Cyprus is suspending its controversial passport scheme by November 1st, after Al Jazeera released an investigation that "implicated high-ranking politicians who were willing to issue passports to convicted criminals."

"The Council of Ministers approved the proposal of the Ministers of Finance and Interior for the abolition of this investment program from 1/11/20. The proposal was based on the timeless weaknesses but also on the abusive exploitation of the provisions of the program," the Ministries of Interior and Finance said in a statement on Twitter.

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DOJ orders an Al Jazeera platform to register in the US as foreign agent
AJ+ Logo
AJ+ Logo Credit: AJ+

The Justice Department ordered AJ+, an Al Jazeera online news platform based in the US, to register as a foreign agent Monday. The DOJ declared the outlet is "an agent of the Government of Qatar" and "engages in “political activities.”

Al Jazeera suggested the move was related to the agreement signed by the United Arab Emirates with Israel, a deal brokered by the Trump administration. The Emirates ambassador to the United States said that was not true.

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Yemen's Houthis attack Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with armed drones and ballistic missiles
Houthis protest against airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition on Sana'a in September 2015.
Houthis protest against airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition on Sana'a in September 2015. Credit: Henry Ridgwell (VOA) (Public Domain)

The cabinet of Saudi Arabia has condemned Yemen's Houthis for attacking Riyadh. In a statement, Saudi Arabia called the attacks "terroristic" and stated that it was carried out by eight armed drones and three ballistic missiles. According to Aljazeera, two large explosions have been heard in Riyadh. There are no reports of injuries or damages, but the Houthi movement claims that they've hit the defence ministry and a military base while Saudi Arabia claims that they have shot a missile down.