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Report: New detention camps for Uighur in China detected - number 40% higher than estimated

According to a report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute China has 380 facilities in the Xinjiang region that are suspected to serve as detention centers for the Uighur minority in China.

The number is around 40% higher than previously estimated and contradicts claims by China that the system that they claim is for "re-education" is being scaled back.

China reports 57 local Covid-19 cases on Sunday, highest number since March 6
People wearing masks in Guangzhou City
People wearing masks in Guangzhou City Credit: zhizhou deng / Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

China has reported 57 confirmed locally transmitted Covid-19 cases on Sunday, marking the highest case count since March 6. Of those cases, 41 were recorded in the western region Xinjiang which had its first Covid-19 cases on July 15 after almost five months of no new infections.

An additional 44 asymptomatic and four imported cases were recorded, though China is not counting asymptomatic cases to the country's total numbers.