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Wuhan has completed over 2.4 million tests for Covid-19 in two days

The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the Covid-19 originated, has successfully tested around 2.4 million people in just two days. The city council had ordered the mass testing with the goal to find hidden carriers and prevent a second wave of outbreaks, as the lockdown in the city has been eased. Wuhan plans on continuing the testing with the aim to test all 11 million residents.

Regional News • Asia • China
Wuhan plans on testing all 11 million residents for Covid-19

The different city districts of Wuhan have been ordered to submit plans on how to test their whole population within ten days. The city plans to test all of its 11 million citizens while focusing on vulnerable groups and real estate compounds first.

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China and Vietnam are planning to impose ban on wildlife trade

Following the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, originating from a "wet market" in Wuhan on which live animals were bought and sold, China and Vietnam are planning to impose a ban on such markets. The formal bans are expected to be signed into law later this year.

Influenza drug from Japan effective against Covid-19 according to Chinese authorities

A flu drug named favipiravir, developed by a subsidiary of the Japanese company Fujifilm, appears to be effective as a treatment for the coronavirus. According to Zhang Xinmin, an official from the Chinese science and technology ministry, “It has a high degree of safety and is clearly effective in treatment". The drug has been tested in clinical trials ni Wuhan and Shenzhen. In total 340 patients have been treated with it and on average been tested negative for the virus only four days after being tested positive. In addition, the lung condition of 91% of the patients had improved. This is 29% higher than for patients without the flu drug.

China's last emergency hospital has been closed

Hospital staff celebrated by taking off their masks together, as the last of the makeshift emergency hospitals to combat the coronavirus has been closed in Wuhan, China.

China: Man dies after being recovered from coronavirus and discharged from hospital

Five days after being discharged from a makeshift hospital in Wuhan a 36-year-old man, who was previously admitted and treated for the coronavirus, died of respiratory failure. His wife stated that he was not feeling well two days after being back home from the hospital. The Wuhan health commission issued a death certificate that stated that the cause of death was Covid-19.