Wolfsburg: Trial begins after attempted murder

The trial against an 18-year-old has started in Wolfsburg, Germany. The prosecutor accuses him of attempting to murder a bouncer. The bouncer had denied the accused access to the club, whereupon the suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed the upper body and back of the bouncer several times. Thanks to his protective vest, the security guard remained unharmed.

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Volkswagen raises rainbow flags in support of diversity and tolerance

The German car manufacturer has raised the rainbow flag outside their Volkswagen brand tower in support of "diversity and tolerance" for the first time as part of the initiative "Wolfsburg diversity and tolerance week" which stands for "a colorful and cosmopolitan community based on solidarity where social origin, sexual orientation and religious affiliation do not play a role" according to the initiators from the organization Aids-Hilfe Wolfsburg e.V..

Volkswagen executive Gunnar Kilian has stated that the company wants to take "a clear stand on respect, equal opportunity, coexistence, equal treatment of everyone – regardless of their ethnic origin, color, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or gender".

Volkswagen announces donation of 200,000 masks

In a press release, the Volkswagen Group has announced that it'll donate around 200,000 FFP-2 and FFP-3 protective masks. The donation is coordinated with Jens Spahn, the German Federal Minister of Health. In addition to this Wolfsburg, the hometown of the Volkswagen Group will receive medical material donations from the company.