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DR Congo: UN experts murder suspect arrested

Militia leader Trésor Mputu Kankonde was arrested on Saturday for his involvement in the killing of two UN experts. United Nations experts Zaida Catalana and Michael Sharp were killed in 2017. They were investigating mass graves in the Democratic Republic of Congo which were a result of the Kamwina Nsapu rebellion between the Kamwina Nsapu militia (Black Ant) and the Congolese security forces.

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Dispute between US and China over the U.N. Security Council Covid-19 resolution

Opposite positions about the World Health Organization are paralyzing the U.N. Security Council decision about Covid-19 crisis.

China thinks the WHOs role is major in the current pandemic crisis management, hence it should be explicitly included in any resolution; while the US remains extremely critical against the WHO since President Donal Trump accused the organization of failure and decided to suspend their funding in April.

Yesterday, Tunisia, Security Council elected member, and France, permanent member, made a joint proposal for a resolution demanding an immediate cease-fire in major conflicts to ease better management of the pandemic.

Climate & Environment
Ozone hole three times the size of Greenland over Arctic has healed

The ozone hole had been three times as big as Greenland and been the biggest one since 2011. The UN World Meteorological Organization has now announced that the hole has healed and is closed now. According to the scientists, the lower air pollution due to the coronavirus had probably nothing to do with it.