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Chilean special forces commander arrested over blinding of a student during protest
Gustavo Gatica, with sunglasses and a cane, in a demonstration in March, 2020
Gustavo Gatica, with sunglasses and a cane, in a demonstration in March, 2020 Credit: BarbyBox (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

Claudio Crespo, Chilean police special Special Forces commander, was detained early Friday over the blinding of the student Gustavo Gatica during protests in November 2019.
The psychology student Gatica, was blinded in both eyes by police rubber bullets during the protests against the government of President Sebastian Piñera.
Crespo, known as "G3", was discharged last June for manipulating the images recorded by his GoPro camera.

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Half of Chile senate members and four ministers in quarantine

Chilean offices said this Monday that around half of the Senate members and four state ministers have been placed in quarantine after coming into contact with at least three colleagues infected with Covid-19.

Last week, Chile's government imposed a total lockdown on the capital Santiago, which has recorded more than 80 percent of the country's total confirmed cases.

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Journalist Telésforo Santiago Enríquez murdered in the southern state of Oaxaca Mexico

Enríquez taught indigenous languages, was an indigenous rights activist and the founder of El Cafetal, a community radio on which he often criticized the local authorities. He received death threats in February and was shot on 2nd May. He was the fourth journalist to be gunned down in Mexico this year.