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Bolivian justice orders the arrest of former president Jeanine Áñez for sedition and terrorism
Jeanine Añez
Jeanine Añez Credit: Gobierno de Bolivia (Public Domain)

Bolivian justice on Friday ordered the arrest of former Bolivian president Jeanine Áñez, accused of sedition (insurrection or incitement to revolt) and terrorism for the events that in November 2019 culminated in Evo Morales' early departure from power.

The orders also cover members of his cabinet of ministers and the Armed Forces summit of the time. The arrests were accelerated by a prosecutor's order, who formally accused all army and police chiefs who publicly asked for Morales' resignation. Authorities suspect that some of those wanted are out of the country.

"Political persecution has started. MAS [Movement for Socialism, party in government] decided to revert to the styles of the dictatorship. A pity because Bolivia does not need dictators, it needs freedom and solutions ", wrote former president Áñez in her Twitter account.