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São Paulo governor tests positive for Covid-19
João Dória
João Dória Credit: Governo do Estado de São Paulo

São Paulo state governor, João Doria, announced Wednesday that he tested positive for Covid-19. He is the 11th governor to test positive for the disease in Brazil.

Doria, who is 62 years old, and therefore part of the group at risk for the disease, said she has no symptoms and feels well.

Regional News • Americas • Brazil
Brazilian President, Bolsonaro, dismisses Covid-19 pandemic and face protests

During a live TV pronouncement, President Jair Bolsonaro has called the virus "little flu" and stated the pandemic is a "fantasy." The Brazilian President ordered State Governors to end the quarantine currently in place on São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro -- Brazil's two most populous states.

There were protests across the country, with quarantined people banging pots and pans from their balconies.