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"Freedom will become the rule, bans the exception", France's PM Philippe on lockdown easing

Restaurants and bars will reopen in all of France's green areas where the spread of the virus has slowed. In Paris, still an orange area, eateries are only allowed to reopen outside terraces. Édouard Philippe said, "Freedom will become the rule, bans the exception". Travel bans will also be lifted as of June 2nd.

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Drone surveillance banned by the French State Council

Since the 11th of May, end of the COVID-19 full-lockdown in France, the French government is using drones in Paris to ensure citizens are applying the post-lockdown rules properly.
Today, after a complain from different NGOs, the French State Council, highest administrative court in France, considered drone surveillance was a dangerous threat to privacy, and ordered the Government to stop their usage immediately.

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Rwandan genocide key suspect arrested in France

Félicien Kabuga, accused of funding the massacres in Rwanda in 1994, was on the run for 25 years.
He has been arrested by the French police today near Paris where he was living under a false identity.
About 800 000 people were killed during the Rwandan genocide.
The French judicial authority should rapidly rule on sending Félicien Kabuga to The Hague international court.

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Jim Morrison's Paris Journal is up for auction

Jim Morrison's Paris Journal is up for auction in Beverly Hills this June. The journal, which he kept in Paris until his death in 1971, contains handwritten poems and reflections of the musician. Its value is set between $80,000 and $100,000.

France reports that first local patient had been infected with Covid-19 in December

The head of emergency medicine at the Avicenne and Jean-Verdier hospital near Paris has stated that a patient, that has been treated for suspected pneumonia in December, was actually infected with Covid-19. On the 27th of December, a swab was taken and recently tested for the coronavirus. The test came back positive, but it is unclear where the patient has gotten the virus since he stated that he did not travel to foreign countries previous to the hospital treatment. The patient has since then recovered.

French police seize 140,000 face masks destined for sale on the black market.
A surgical mask (left) and an FFP1 mask (right) often used to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
A surgical mask (left) and an FFP1 mask (right) often used to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Credit: (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0)

French police officers say they caught a businessman unloading 140,000 face masks from a lorry into a house in St Denis, north of Paris.
The seized masks included 5,000 FFP2 masks for use with coronavirus patients and a big number of surgical masks.
Police arrested the suspected seller, a 60-year-old man who had bought the masks in the Netherlands. A second suspect was a 46-year-old who was allegedly about to buy some of the stock to sell on.
Last month, France requisitioned all stocks and production of face masks to equip health workers.

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Spanish Princess Maria Teresa has died from Covid-19

On March 26, Maria Teresa of Bourbon-Parma (86), cousin of King Felipe IV, has died after being infected with the novel Coronavirus. She died in Paris and a funeral was held in Madrid on Friday. She is the first royal to die from Covid-19.

Disney World Florida closes amidst Covid-19 outbreak

Following the global spread of the coronavirus Disney is taking measures and closes down Disney World in Orlando, Florida as well as the Disneyland resort in Anaheim, California and the Disneyland in Paris, France. With these parks closing all eleven Disney parks around the world are now closed due to the coronavirus pandemia.