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Ontario: Hard lockdown after Coronavirus case surge
Ontario: Hard lockdown after Coronavirus case surge
Credit: HickoryOughtShirt?4, via Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

The Canadian province Ontario is imposing a hard lockdown before the Christmas holidays. Thousands of lives are at stake, said Ontario’s premier Doug Ford. Northern communities face two weeks of restrictions while densely populated cities in the south will be in lockdown for a month.

What will be closed: Most in-person education, schools, restaurants, bars, malls, entertainment venues, gyms.

Covid-19 database illegally used by Ontario police, civil rights groups finds

Police forces across Ontario engaged in broad, illegal searches of a now-defunct Covid-19 database, two civil rights groups alleged Wednesday, claiming the use of the portal violated individual privacy rights for months.

Daily New Coronavirus Cases are Going Down in Quebec and Ontario
Social distancing at a crossroad
Social distancing at a crossroad Credit: unsplash.com/Kate Trifo

In Canada’s two largest provinces by population, the number of new cases has been decreasing. Even in Quebec, where the number of coronavirus cases has exceeded the rest of the country combined, had only 120 new cases on Thursday, significantly below the average of 500-600 prior. There is no clear reason for this decrease.