Berlin: Court proceedings against Berlin police officer
Amtsgericht Tiergarten Berlin
Amtsgericht Tiergarten Berlin Credit: Fridolin freudenfett (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

Proceedings have started against a Berlin police officer before the Tiergarten district court for jointly committed and dangerous bodily harm. He allegedly has attacked an Afghan person in 2017 at S-Bahn station Karlshorst after a soccer game.

At that time, the state security had already started its investigation due to a xenophobic background. Important at this point: The accused officer was until 2016 a member of the "Right-Wing Extremism Investigation Group" (EG Rex), which also investigated the series of attacks in Neukölln.

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Germany sets apartment complex in Berlin-Neukölln under quarantine
Germany sets apartment complex in Berlin-Neukölln under quarantine
Credit: Glen Carrie

After two children developed Covid-19 symptoms, an apartment complex in Berlin Neukölln has been set under quarantine. More than 50 of the residents have tested positive for Covid-19 already as the testing is still ongoing. The district health council Falko Liecke has stated that he isn't sure how many people in total live in the complex, as the data on how many people live in a certain flat is not tracked by the government.