Woman ordered by court to delete Facebook photos of her grandchildren
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Facebook homepage Credit: Kon Karampelas

A court in the Netherlands ruled that a Grandmother must delete pictures of her three grandchildren that she posted on Facebook and Pinterest without their parents' permission.
The case that ended up in court after a falling-out between the woman and her daughter was within the scope of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Italy's sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora believes Serie A clubs should be "thinking about next season"

After France, the Netherlands, and Belgium leagues called off their seasons, Italian sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora stated: "These decisions could push Italy to follow this line, which would become a European line".
Spadafora also said "If the championship should ever resume, it will certainly be behind closed doors,"

French police seize 140,000 face masks destined for sale on the black market.
A surgical mask (left) and an FFP1 mask (right) often used to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
A surgical mask (left) and an FFP1 mask (right) often used to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Credit: (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0)

French police officers say they caught a businessman unloading 140,000 face masks from a lorry into a house in St Denis, north of Paris.
The seized masks included 5,000 FFP2 masks for use with coronavirus patients and a big number of surgical masks.
Police arrested the suspected seller, a 60-year-old man who had bought the masks in the Netherlands. A second suspect was a 46-year-old who was allegedly about to buy some of the stock to sell on.
Last month, France requisitioned all stocks and production of face masks to equip health workers.