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Survey: Women in large German cities face threats and harassment
Survey: Women in large German cities face threats and harassment
Credit: / Markus Spiske

According to a survey by the children's aid organization "Plan" among 1,000 respondents between 16 and 71 years of age, the fear of harassment, threats, and insults is great. Big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Munich stand out here. One in five respondents stated in the survey that they had been the victim of a crime such as insults, threats or harassment. Girls and women feel most unsafe on the open street, followed directly by public transport and parks.

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Munich public transport company states 90% of passengers wear mask
Munich public transport company states 90% of passengers wear mask
Credit: / Dominik Martin

The head of corporate security at the Munich Transport Company (MVG) commented in an interview with "Die Zeit" about mouth and nose covering and passenger acceptance. Around 90% of these would adhere to the regulations and the MVG would have achieved the desired effect. The effort to achieve 100% acceptance would be too high, especially with possible limited success.

He sees the imposition of fines and fines critically and as a state task.

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Barcelona to face Bayern on the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals
Robert Lewandovski
Robert Lewandovski Credit: Twitter (Reproduction)

Barcelona and Bayern advanced to the Champions League quarter-finals. Both clubs head to Lisbon to play each other on August 14 at the Estádio da Luz.

Playing at the Camp Nou, Barcelona qualified with a 3:1 win over Napoli, goals by Lenglet, Messi and Luis Suárez. Lorenzo Insigne scored for Napoli.

In Munich, Bayern confirmed their favouritism by beating Chelsea 4:1. Robert Lewandowski scored twice and created goals for Perisic and Tolisso.

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Bayern Munich secure domestic double after German Cup title
Bayern Munich captain ManuelNeuer lifts the German Pokal trophy
Bayern Munich captain ManuelNeuer lifts the German Pokal trophy Credit: Twitter Reproduction

With Robert Lewandowksi scoring twice in the second half, Bayern Munich added the German Cup silverware to their Bundesliga title after a 4:2 victory over Bayer Leverkusen. The game was played Saturday at the Olympiastadion in Berlin.

Munich now aims for a treble, with Hansi Flick's side focusing on the Champions League tournament, that will take place in Lisbon during August.

Bayern Munich now has 20 German Cup titles in their history.

German court: Rejection by bouncer based on age is not discrimination
German court: Rejection by bouncer based on age is not discrimination
Credit: Joao Victor Alves de Bastos

The Munich District Court ruled last week that rejecting at a club door based on age does not constitute discrimination. A 44-year-old complained, who was already rejected by a security guard at a techno festival in 2017 and asked the organizer for compensation of € 1,000 due to discrimination.

The judge dismissed the complaint on the grounds that the organizer was interested in the selection of his guests.

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Alba Berlin is BBL champion after 12 years
Alba Berlin is BBL champion after 12 years
Credit: Twitter Reproduction

Alba Berlin won the BBL title for the 9th time with a 75:74 victory against MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg Sunday at the Audi Dome in Munich. This title is the second 2019/2020 season silverware for Alba, that in February won the German cup.

The last time the team from Berlin won the German title was back in 2008.

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Wirecard declares bankruptcy
Wirecard declares bankruptcy
Credit: / Markus Winkler

The payment provider Wirecard has declared bankruptcy at the district court in Munich. The company announced that "The Management Board of Wirecard AG has decided to file an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings on behalf of Wirecard AG at the competent Munich Local Court due to the threat of insolvency and over-indebtedness". Previously irregularities in the balance sheet of the company had come to attention and the company now assumes that €1,9 billion at two Filipino banks do not exist.

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BBL finals will be played by MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg and Alba Berlin
Alba Berlin
Alba Berlin Credit: Twitter Reproduction

Alba Berlin have beaten EWE Baskets Oldenburg on Wednesday and will now face MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg, that the day before won their game against ratiopharm ulm.

The finals will be played in two games, the first one Friday at 18:30(UTC) and the second Sunday at 13:00(UTC).

Berlin does not win the BBL title since 2008, while this could be the first silverware for Ludwigsburg.

Former Wirecard CEO Markus Braun was arrested
Markus Braun
Markus Braun Credit: Wirecard

The former CEO of Wirecard AG, Markus Braun, was arrested on Monday evening. Braun had been detained on suspicion of inflating Wirecard's revenues and balance sheet to make it appear more solid and attractive for investors and customers.

Wirecard acknowledged on Monday that €1.9 billion in missing cash, around a quarter of the company's assets, probably never existed in the first place.

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German Basketball League semifinals start with the match between MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg and ratiopharm ulm
German Basketball League semifinals start with the match between MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg and ratiopharm ulm
Credit: Twitter Reproduction

The easyCredit BBL starts its semifinals today with a match between MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg and ratiopharm ulm. The game takes place in the Audi Dome, Munich, at 13:00(UTC). The second leg of the semifinal will happen next Tuesday, at 18:30(UTC) also in the Audi Dome.

In the other semifinal EWE Baskets Oldenburg will face ALBA BERLIN, with games happening on Monday and Wednesday at 18:30(UTC).

Munich: doorman dispute escalates in the rocker milieu

A violent dispute in the doorman scene and in the rock milieu has escalated in Munich. Already last Friday, a transporter had first driven into a group of people, after which the five inmates - allegedly from the "Hells Angels" - continued to attack the people lying on the ground.

The police are looking for known suspects.

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Lufthansa to offer Covid-19 testing at Frankfurt and Munich airports
Lufthansa to offer Covid-19 testing at Frankfurt and Munich airports
Credit: Miguel Ángel Sanz

Starting on early July Lufthansa plans to offer Covid-19 tests at airports in Frankfurt and Munich. An outsourced company will conduct the tests, and results will be available within four hours.

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Bundesliga title closer to Munich following Bayern's win at Dortmund
Meisterschale Credit: Deutscher Fussball-Bund (Reproduction)

Bayern München achieved a 1-0 away win over Borussia Dortmund, leaving soccer fans wondering just how much the home team missed their audience on their empty stadium. The Munich-based team now has a 7 point lead, with six matches left to play in the Bundesliga.

Security industry in Germany focus of tax fraud: Annual report of the main customs office in Rosenheim

The annual report of the main customs office in Rosenheim shows once again that the security industry in Germany is the focus of undeclared work: 50 companies were checked, and 20 people are still being investigated for social security fraud or subsidies.

The most extensive inspections took place during the "Audi Cup" in the Allianz Arena in Munich, where almost every second inspected security employee was in violation of regulations such as social security, immigration and trade laws.

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Bavarian Government gives German Basketball League green light for ten clubs tournament
easyCredit BBL game at AudiDome
easyCredit BBL game at AudiDome Credit: AudiDome

Bavarian State Government endorsed the easyCredit BBL concept for a playoff tournament to appoint the 2020 German Basketball Champions. The easyCredit BBL Final Tournament 2020 will be played in Munich's Audi Dome by ten teams -- the other seven clubs of the BBL decided not to compete in the tournament

German Basketball paused its competitions on March 8, due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Munich store detective supports gang

A store detective for Saturn Munich supported thefts by deleting records of video surveillance and diverting his colleagues while gang members took the stolen goods to the car of the detective.

He and his accomplices have to face a charge of at least 2 years in prison.

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Munich's Oktoberfest likely to be canceled this year, due to outbreak
View from Hippodrom
View from Hippodrom Credit: Aschuff (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)

Deutsche Welle reports that although slated to start only on September 19, it's "unlikely" Oktoberfest will happen this year.

"I am very very skeptical. And based on the current situation, I can hardly imagine that such a large event would even be possible at that time," Markus Söder told local public broadcaster Bayerische Rundfunk on Wednesday evening. A final decision is to be made by Söder, and the mayor of Munich will make a final decision in the next two weeks.

Oktoberfest is the world's largest beer festival and draws in 6 million people every year to the city of Munich.