Mexico's Covid-19 death toll reaches 30,000 as it vaults over France for the world's fifth-highest.

Saturday's tally of 523 deaths pushed Mexico's coronavirus toll to 30,366, giving the nation the 5th highest Covid-19 death toll in the world, and the 2nd highest in South America (behind Brazil).

This comes as Mexico recorded its highest spike in new infections, with 6,914 new cases being reported by officials. The spike brings the number of confirmed cases to 252,165.

It is believed that the total number of infections and casualties is far greater than officially reported due to an inadequate amount of testing.

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An asteroid and not a volcanic eruption killed the dinosaurs, study finds
Artist's impression of a 1000km-diameter planetoid hitting a young Earth.
Artist's impression of a 1000km-diameter planetoid hitting a young Earth. Credit: Don Davis (work commissioned by NASA) / Public domain

For decades scientists believed the reason for the mass extinction of dinosaurs and three-quarters of all life on earth 66 million years ago was a prolonged period of climate change caused by volcanic activity. A new study by researchers from the Imperial College London just disproved this theory: turns out it was an asteroid impact that struck Earth which also created the Chicxulub impact crater in southeast Mexico. According to the study, only an asteroid impact could have created conditions that made Earth uninhabitable.

“We show that the asteroid caused an impact winter for decades, and that these environmental effects decimated suitable environments for dinosaurs. In contrast, the effects of the intense volcanic eruptions were not strong enough to substantially disrupt global ecosystems,” so the lead researcher Alessandro Chiarenza in his statement. “Our study confirms, for the first time quantitatively, that the only plausible explanation for the extinction is the impact winter that eradicated dinosaur habitats worldwide.”

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Uruguay is the only Latin American country in EU's Covid-19 'safe list'
Munich International Airport passport control
Munich International Airport passport control Credit: Vasyatka1 (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

The European Union has named 14 countries whose citizens are deemed "safe" to be let in from July 1, and the only Latin American country is Uruguay.

As infection rates in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia are still high, their nationals will face travel restrictions.

The current list is formed by Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

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Family of Giovanni Lopez and 38 protesters disappear in Jalisco Mexico
Family of Giovanni Lopez and 38 protesters disappear in Jalisco Mexico
Credit: Instagram / Salma Hayek

Giovanni López was detained last month by the Jalisco police for not wearing mouth cover and was later killed by ten officers. His family had received threats and a bribe offered by the town's major to let go of the case. Their current whereabouts are unknown after some neighbours declared they left their house out of fear.

Other 38 protestors detained last Friday after a demonstration outside the General Prosecutor's Office in Jalisco have gone missing since.

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Uber to require all drivers and passengers to wear masks during rides
Uber app on a mobile phone
Uber app on a mobile phone Credit: Charles Deluvio

Beginning next Monday in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, Uber will require drivers and riders to wear masks through the end of June.

Drivers will also be required to verify that they’re wearing face masks by taking a selfie before accepting a booking. Riders will also be required to sit in the back seat.

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Journalist Telésforo Santiago Enríquez murdered in the southern state of Oaxaca Mexico

Enríquez taught indigenous languages, was an indigenous rights activist and the founder of El Cafetal, a community radio on which he often criticized the local authorities. He received death threats in February and was shot on 2nd May. He was the fourth journalist to be gunned down in Mexico this year.