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Mediterranean Sea: Migrant boat sinks off Tunisia coast, at least 20 people dead

A migrant boat with 45 people sank off the Tunisia coast on Thursday. At least 20 people died, five people were rescued by the coastguard and the coastguard is still looking for about 20 people.

"The boat sank about six miles from the coast of Sfax. Twenty bodies were recovered, five others were rescued, and all are from sub-Saharan Africa," the security official, Ali Ayari, said.

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Gas deposits dispute in the Mediterranean: Greece, France, Italy and Cyprus start military manoeuvres
Turkish Navy
Turkish Navy Credit: T.C. Millî Savunma Bakanlığı

The NATO partners Greece and Turkey are in dispute over gas deposits in sea areas in the eastern Mediterranean Sea claimed by both countries, but also by Cyprus.

Greece, France, Italy and Cyprus are now launching a large-scale maneuver in the eastern Mediterranean. The joint exercise is to last until Friday. In addition to three Greek F-16 aircraft, three French Rafale jets are also taking part.