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Virgin Hyperloop tested first passenger journey
Virgin Hyperloop tested first passenger journey
Credit: Virgin Hyperloop

Virgin Hyperloop has trialled the first ride on its test track Sunday in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the trial, two company staff members travelled the 500m test track in 15 seconds, reaching 172km/h. Virgin's system involves pods inside vacuum tubes carrying passengers at high speeds.

The company, founded in 2014, and previously known as was previously known as Hyperloop One and Virgin Hyperloop One, received investment from the Virgin Group in 2017.

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6.5 earthquake recorded in Nevada

An earthquake of the magnitude 6.5 struck near Tonopah, Nevada early Friday morning. The small town, three hours north of Las Vegas, recorded two additional aftershocks, both with a magnitude around 5.4. No injuries or damages have been reported so far. Today's earthquake has been the biggest in Nevada since 1954.

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City of Las Vegas turns parking lot into homeless shelter

The authorities in Las Vegas repurposed an empty parking lot into a makeshift shelter for homeless people after a normal shelter was forced to close following the coronavirus pandemic. The parking lot has been divided into different spaces with paint to mark social distancing boxes for the people. In addition to this, volunteers from Touro University have started laying out blue mats that can be power washed to clean them after usage.