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Israel: Protests demanding resignation of the PM Benjamin Netanyahu
Protests against Netanyahu, July 2020
Protests against Netanyahu, July 2020 Credit: Nir Hirshman (ניר הירשמן) / Nir Hirshman Communication / Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

On Sunday, thousands of demonstrators gathered outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence in central Jerusalem to demand his resignation. Protests have been happening throughout the summer. Netanyahu is currently on trial for corruption charges.

People were protesting even though Israel has been under a strict nationwide lockdown since Friday.

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Israel: 12 arrests as thousands protest against Netanyahu

In Israel, thousands of demonstrators again demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday evening. According to the police, twelve demonstrators were arrested in Jerusalem. Some demonstrators had blocked an intersection and refused to clear it. This was the 11th week in a row that people took part in rallies against the head of government.

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Israel: Parts of 5 cities go into lockdown
Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel
Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel Credit: Crombach

Parts of five Israeli cities that are particularly affected by coronavirus outbreak went into lockdown on 1pm Friday. Among them are neighbourhoods that became "restricted zones" in Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, Lod, Ramle and Kiryat Malachi. Lockdown will be lifted on Jul 17th, 8am.

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Israeli police shot an autistic Palestinian man

Eyad Hallaq was 32 years old and was autistic. As he and his caregiver ran in a police patrol, he did not undertand the policeman orders and started to panic. His caregiver insisted to the police officers that he was disabled, but they shot him anyway.

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Protests erupt in Jerusalem after killing of unarmed, autistic Palestinian by police

Palestinians have started protesting against police violence in Israel following the death of an unarmed, autistic Palestinian man. The man was shot by the police inside the Est Jerusalem's Old City on his way to special needs school. The police stated that they stopped Eyad al-Halaq, 32, for a search and found a "suspicious object that looked like a pistol". The man was, according to statements made by his family, rushing away as he was "spooked by the police" and has "the mental age of a six-year-old child". The police chased the man and started shooting several rounds, killing him in the process. The police than released a statement that they "suspect" got "neutralized" by them and found no weapons in his posession.