Transportation • Cars & Automobiles
Bridge on Genoa to Florence road collapses, two vehicles involved

A bridge on a normally busy road in northern Italy collapsed on Wednesday but only two drivers were caught up in the chaos, the fire brigade said, as the coronavirus lockdown has largely halted traffic. A spokesman for the fire brigade said the 260 metre bridge near the town of Aulla, roughly midway between Genoa and Florence, in the northern tip of Tuscany, collapsed at 10:25 a.m.). A team of the fire brigade were still on site, the spokesman added. Two drivers were taken to hospital with minor injuries, he added.

Italian Olympic 800 metres finalist Sabia dies from COVID-19

Twice Olympic 800 metres finalist Donato Sabia has died from COVID-19 at the age of 56, the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) said on Wednesday. CONI said in a statement that Sabia had been in the intensive care unit of the San Carlo hospital on Potenza, in the southern Italian region of Basilicata, for "a few days." According to CONI, he is the first Olympic finalist in the world to die from the virus.

101 year old man from Italy has recovered from coronavirus

A man from the Italian city Rimini, who was born in 1919 during the Spanish flu pandemic, has recovered from the coronavirus. The deputy mayor of the town, Gloria Lisi, has announced that the man is back with his family after being tested positive for Covid-19 and admitted to the hospital in the last week.

Technology • Internet & Web
Pornhub donates 50,000 surgical masks and offers free premium worldwide

The online platform has announced that it'll donate in total 50,000 surgical masks to different organizations in the state of New York, as well as donating €50,000 to various organizations across Europe including countries like Germany, Italy and Spain. Additionally, the company will donate $25,000 to the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) in order to "to meet immediate requests for support from sex workers impacted by COVID-19".

Italian company releases 3D printed valve to transform Decathlon snorkeling mask into a ventilator mask

Facing a shortage of ventilators in the fight against the coronavirus, the Italian company Isinnova developed a 3D printable valve that can be attached to a commercially available snorkeling mask from Decathlon. The sports equipment company cooperated with Isinnova by releasing the CAD drawing of the mask, which enabled the development. The company released the plans and instructions on their website for free for non-commercial purposes.

Politics • European
Italy government uses military to enforce lockdown

After announcing 627 new deaths from the coronavirus, the highest number in a single day worldwide so far, on Friday 20th, the Italian government has now called the military in to enforce the lockdown of the Lombardy region. Attilio Fontana, the Lombardy region president, said that the request for military help has been accepted and "114 soldiers will be on the ground throughout Lombardy", which is according to him still too little since no slowing down in the infection and death numbers can be seen so far.

Video shows Bergamo hospital from inside

In a video published on March 18th, the insides of a Bergamo hospital are shown. The cameraperson is walking around and shows multiple people attached to venting machines in rooms, but also in the hallway between rooms and a doctor in full protection gear.

Austria limits movement further following Covid-19 spread

The northern neighbor country of Italy takes on new measures to prevent the coronavirus from spreading further. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has announced that people should only leave their homes for essential workes, essential shopping (such as food and medicine) and for helping other people.

Italy announces to suspend all mortgage payments to soften the Covid-19 economic consequences

Italy's deputy economy minister, Laura Castelli, announced that in order to help individuals and households to better cope with the financial and economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, all mortgage payments will be suspended.

Juventus soccer player Daniele Rugani tests positive for Covid-19

The centre-back player was tested positively for the coronavirus and stated that the is "fine". The Serie A started all by law required isolation procedures to further prevent the virus from spreading. This includes people who have come into contact with Daniele Rugani. This follows after all sporting events in Italy have been postponed until April.

Italy widens lockdown - only food stores and pharmacies are allowed to open

Everything that is declared "non-essential" for the people of Italy is ordered to close by the Italian government. The only exceptions are food shops and pharmacies. This measure follows the general lockdown of the country and aims to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

Italy put on lockdown by prime minister

Following the spread of the coronavirus the prime minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte introduced a travel ban for the whole country. Together with this nonessential travel and all public gatherings are prohibited. Leaving the home is only allowed for essential work, family emergencies and health care situations. This includes the cancellation of all sporting events including the football Serie A.

Pope Francis cancels regular public appearances to prevent Covid-19 spread

Following the increasing spread of the coronavirus in Italy, the Pope has cancelled his public appearances. The regular addresses on Sundays and Wednesdays will be held privately inside the official papal library in the Vatican's Apostolic Palace. The Vatican stated that both will be streamed on the internet.