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United Kingdom threatens to back out of parts of EU withdrawal treaty

According to reports from the Financial Times, the United Kingdom's government under prime minister Boris Johnson plans to render some regulations from the EU withdrawal treaty void.

The British government allegedly plans to pass laws on Wednesday that could override parts of the Brexit agreement on state aid and border regulations with Ireland.

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Phil Hogan resigns as EU trade commissioner after breaching Ireland Covid guidelines
Phil Hogan
Phil Hogan Credit: European Parliament (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

Phil Hogan, the EU trade commissioner, resigned Wednesday after the Irish government accused him of breaching Covid-19 guidelines during a visit to the country.

On August 19, Hogan attended a golf dinner in County Galway after not complying with quarantine rules when he arrived from Brussels.

Hogan said in a statement, "It was becoming increasingly clear that the controversy concerning my recent visit to Ireland was becoming a distraction from my work as an EU Commissioner and would undermine my work in the key months ahead."

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WhatsApp adds new "Search the web" feature
WhatsApp adds new "Search the web" feature
Credit: WhatsApp

WhatsApp added a new feature that makes it easier for users to verify whether the assertions made in forwarded messages they have received on the app are true. The new feature, called "Search the Web" works by allowing users to upload the message via their browser without WhatsApp ever seeing the message itself.

"Search the web" is being rolled out starting today in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, UK, and US for those on the latest versions of WhatsApp for Android, iOS and WhatsApp Web.

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Ireland to ease travel restrictions, visitors from the UK "highly likely" to still need to go into quarantine
Ireland to ease travel restrictions, visitors from the UK "highly likely" to still need to go into quarantine
Credit: / Gary Lopater

From next month on Ireland is planning to ease the quarantine restrictions for travelers from other countries that have low infection rates. According to a memo of the Irish Cabinet, a "mandatory restricted movement" will be kept in place for travelers from countries with high levels of Covid-19 infections. It is "highly likely" that this will include the United Kingdom because of its "significantly poorer" response to the pandemic.

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Irish startup and health authority cooperate to deliver medicine via drones

The startup Manna Aero has started working with Ireland's health service in order to deliver prescribed medicine to patients after they've had a video call with their general practitioner, as well as essential goods such as milk or bread. The initiative is hoping that it can provide these necessities to around 500 smaller more rural Irish towns in the future if the test go well.

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Irish Prime Minister goes back to practicing as a doctor amidst coronavirus pandemic

Before his career as a politician, Leo Varadkar, the Irish Prime Minister has been practicing as a doctor for seven years. In order to help fight the coronavirus pandemic, the prime minister has now re-registered as a doctor in the medical register in order to help with "one session a week in areas that are within his scope of practice", his office has announced.

Donald Trump suspends non US citizens from traveling from Europe to the US

People wanting to come from Europe will be banned from traveling to the United States for the next 30 days. The ban applies to countries inside the Schengen economic and travel zone. The two exceptions are the United Kingdom and Ireland.