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Amsterdam overtakes London as most important financial center in Europe

In January, 9.2 billion euros were traded daily on the Amsterdam stock exchanges, significantly more than in London with 8.6 billion euros, according to figures from the financial market firm Cboe Europe.

By comparison, in 2020, an average of 17.5 billion euros per day had still been traded in London, according to Cboe, while Frankfurt was second with 5.9 billion euros per day and Amsterdam only sixth with 2.6 billion per day.

German federal police tests tasers
German federal police tests tasers
Credit: Junglecat / via Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0)

As of this week, the German federal police are testing the use of distance electrical pulse devices at three locations in Germany. With 30 devices one promises to be able to calm down situations in which possibly only the use of the firearm and thus the risk of a fatal gunshot wound would exist.

Tests are carried out in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Kaiserslautern.

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Investment bank JPMorgan announces move of €200 billion in assets from UK to Germany following Brexit
Investment bank JPMorgan announces move of €200 billion in assets from UK to Germany following Brexit
Credit: / Igor Flek

According to reports by Bloomberg, the investment bank JPMorgan Chase & Co. is moving assets worth around €200 billion from the United Kingdom to Frankfurt, Germany. The reason for the move is the end of the transition period and the Brexit with the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

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German startup factory Rocket Internet to delist its shares from the Frankfurt and Luxembourg Stock Exchanges
Rocket Internet Logo
Rocket Internet Logo Credit: Rocket Internet

Almost six years after its IPO, German startup factory Rocket Internet announced Tuesday its plan to delist its shares from the Frankfurt and Luxembourg Stock Exchanges.

The company, now valuated at 2.6 billion, is offering investors 18.57 euros per share.

Hesse, Germany: State Police President resigns
Udo Münch
Udo Münch Credit: Polizei Hesse (Public Domain)

The Hessian state police chief Udo Münch resigns after a lack of investigation into a right-wing network within the police. In the past threatening emails to lawyers and left-wing politicians in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden have been sent by a network that describes itself as NSU 2.0. Münch has reportedly not investigated the possible connection of illegal data requests made from police computers with the threatening emails.

Udo Münch stated that missing out to inform the interior ministry promptly and with the necessary care did not happen with malicious intent, but stated that he will bear the consequences. He has asked to be transferred into early retirement.

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Lufthansa to offer Covid-19 testing at Frankfurt and Munich airports
Lufthansa to offer Covid-19 testing at Frankfurt and Munich airports
Credit: Miguel Ángel Sanz

Starting on early July Lufthansa plans to offer Covid-19 tests at airports in Frankfurt and Munich. An outsourced company will conduct the tests, and results will be available within four hours.

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German Fashion Week moving from Berlin to Frankfurt
Berlin Fashion Week 2013
Berlin Fashion Week 2013 Credit: Patrick Raczek (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

Germany's major biannual fashion event will leave Berlin and move to Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Mayor Peter Feldmann said in a statement "This will transform the financial center of Frankfurt into a new hotspot for the international fashion and lifestyle scene and create a new, international fashion metropolis,".

Organised in Berlin since 2007, Fashion Week has taken place twice a year. The last edition in January drew around 70,000 visitors and dozens of designers.

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Muslim community thanks IKEA for letting them pray in car park to keep physical distancing
Muslims praying in IKEA car park
Muslims praying in IKEA car park Credit: IGMG Wetzlar FATİH CAMİİ via Facebook

The Ikea store in Wetzlar near the German city of Frankfurt had agreed to let the local mosque use the car park for their prayers. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic distancing measures were required and in a Facebook post, the Muslim community IGMG Wetzlar FATİH CAMİİ thanked the local police and the store for their help in making the prayers possible.

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German authorities report over 40 Covid-19 infections after religious service

The health authorities of the German city Frankfurt am Main have reported over 40 new infected people after a church service was conducted. Church services had been permitted since the beginning of May under strict hygiene rules that mandate disinfectants and a minimum distance between the participants of 1,50 meters.