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Egypt seizes Ever Given ship in Suez Canal, demands $900 million in compensation
Ever Given ship
Ever Given ship Credit: kees torn, via Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

An Egyptian court ordered the vessel's Japanese owner, Shoei Kisen Kaisha, to pay $900 million in compensation due to losses inflicted when the Panamanian-flagged Ever Given prevented marine traffic from transiting through the vital global trade waterway.

Shoei Kisen Kaisha said insurance companies and lawyers were working on the compensation claim and refused to comment further.

UK Club, the protection and indemnity insurer for the Ever Given, said Tuesday that they had responded to a claim from the Suez Canal Authority for $916 million and questioned its basis.

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Archaeologists discover a 3,000-year-old city in Egypt

A group of archaeologists led by Zahi Hawass have discovered a 3,000-year-old Egyptian city, named "The Rise of Aten." The city, which is the largest ancient city found, dates back to the reign of the ninth king of the 18th dynasty King Amenhotep III, who ruled Egypt from 1391 and 1353 BCE.

“Within weeks, to the team’s great surprise, formations of mud bricks began to appear in all directions,” Hawass said. “What they unearthed was the site of a large city in a good condition of preservation, with almost complete walls, and with rooms filled with tools of daily life.”

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Traffic in Suez Canal resumes after Ever Given refloated
Traffic in Suez Canal resumes after Ever Given refloated
Credit: kees torn, via Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

Shipping traffic has resumed through Egypt’s Suez Canal on Monday after the container cargo ship Ever Given was successfully refloated and moved.

"The efforts to float the delinquent Panamanian container ship Ever Given are successful," so Lt. Gen. Osama Rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority.

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Over 30 passengers killed in a train collision in Egypt
Over 30 passengers  killed in a train collision in Egypt
Credit: AaronAinomugisha (Twitter reproduction)

A collision between two passenger trains in central Egypt on Friday left at least 32 people dead, the Egyptian health ministry announced. Dozens of ambulances raced to the crash scene in the Tahta district of Sohag province, around 460 kilometres south of the capital Cairo.

"The trains collided while going at not very high speeds, which led to the destruction of two carriages and a third to overturn," a security source told Reuters.

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Egypt: Archaeologists find ancient high-production brewery
Image of the brewery in Abydos
Image of the brewery in Abydos Credit: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (Twitter Reproduction)

An Egyptian-American team of archaeologists has uncovered a 5,000-year-old brewery capable of producing some 22,400 litres of beer at a time, the Egyptian Tourism Ministry has announced. The ministry said in a Facebook statement on Saturday that it believed that the site at North Abydos, Sohag, was "the oldest high-production brewery in the world."

Although the existence of the brewery was ascertained by British archaeologists at the start of the 20th century, its precise location has not been identified until now, according to the statement.

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Mummies with golden artifact tongues found in Egypt
Mummies with golden artifact tongues found in Egypt
Credit: Courtesy of Facebook / Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities وزارة السياحة والآثار

The 2000-year-old mummies were buried with golden artifacts as tongues, in order to be able to speak in their afterlife.

"The mission discovered 16 tombs cut into the rock... in the temple of Taposiris Magna, west of Alexandria," the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities said in a statement reported.

Penalties for female genital mutilation to be toughened in Egypt

On Wednesday the cabinet of Egypt toughened penalties for female genital mutilation, authorizing prison terms of up to 20 years in a bid to curb a practice that has persisted despite religious edicts against it. Human rights activists have long advocated against it, but government efforts to end it have met with resistance. That notion, however, has been disputed by al-Azhar, the Sunni Muslim world's most respected religious institution, located in Cairo.

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Ancient teeth from Peru hint now-extinct monkeys crossed Atlantic from Africa
Ancient teeth from Peru hint now-extinct monkeys crossed Atlantic from Africa
Credit: Courtesy of University of Southern California

"This is a completely unique discovery," said Erik Seiffert, the study's lead author and Professor of Clinical Integrative Anatomical Sciences at Keck School of Medicine of USC. "We're suggesting that this group might have made it over to South America right around what we call the Eocene-Oligocene Boundary, a time period between two geological epochs when the Antarctic ice sheet started to build up and the sea level fell," said Seiffert.

When Seiffert was asked to help describe these specimens in 2016, he noticed the similarity of the two broken upper molars to an extinct 32 million-year-old parapithecid monkey species from Egypt he had studied previously. Fossils discovered at the same site in Peru had earlier offered the first proof that South American monkeys evolved from African primates.

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Covid-19: Egypt, Liverpool star Mohamed Salah tests positive
Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah Credit: Анна Нэсси (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0)

A tweet from the Egyptian FA said that testing results showed "our international player and Liverpool star Mohamed Salah to be infected with coronavirus ... despite not having any symptoms."

Photographs and videos of Salah - in some of the images, without a face mask to protect against the virus - dancing among dozens of people at his brother's wedding, held earlier this week in Cairo, have gone viral on the social media over the past days.

Salah's positive test result comes ahead of Egypt's Africa Cup of Nations qualifying match on Saturday against Togo.

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Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia resume talks over management of Ethiopian Nile dam
Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia resume talks over management of Ethiopian Nile dam
Credit: Hailefida (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

Under the leadership of the African Union the three in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) involved countries Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt have announced that they'll continue negotiations over the management of the dam.

The water and foreign ministers of the countries have agreed "to work on unifying the texts of the agreements submitted by the three countries" according to the water ministry of Sudan.

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Elon Musk claims that "Aliens built the pyramids", Egypt denies and invites him
Elon Musk claims that "Aliens built the pyramids", Egypt denies and invites him
Credit: / Shotaro Hamasaki

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has tweeted on Friday that "Aliens built the pyramids obv" (obv = obviously). The tweet has been shared widely on Twitter and received over 500,000 likes.

The Minister of International Co-operation of Egypt Rania al-Mashat has responded to the claim and denied that they were built by aliens. She said that "I invite you & Space X to explore the writings about how the pyramids were built and also to check out the tombs of the pyramid builders".

At a later point, Elon Musk linked a BBC History site that provides information about the history of the workers that built the pyramids.

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Germany has systematically violated arms export regulations for 30 years
A Leopard 2 tank in a NATO exercise
A Leopard 2 tank in a NATO exercise Credit: Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

A new study by the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF) claims Germany, since 1990, has authorized and exported weapons and military equipment to be used in countries with human rights violations and ravaged by war.

According to the EU criteria, the recipient of arms must respect human rights and international law, as well as maintain peace and stability in their region. However, Germany has repeatedly struck deals with nations with a poor human rights record, such as Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, and Indonesia, oftentimes selling off old Bundeswehr hardware, PRIF notes.

The study states there have been "wars fought with German weapons and serious human rights violations.".

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Ethiopia has started filling the Renaissance Dam after talks end with no deal
Men at work on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project.
Men at work on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project. Credit: Jacey Fortin (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

The Ethiopian Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy Dr. Seleshi Bekele has announced that the country has started filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. He later stated on his Twitter account that "The inflow into the reservoir due to heavy rain fall and runoff exceeded the outflow and created natural pooling.This continues until overflow is triggered soon".

Talks between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan had ended with no agreement as Ethiopia aims to become a large energy supplier for its' population and generate revenue by exporting the surplus, while Egypt fears that the Nile will provide too little water for the country.

Egypt: Mosque reopening plans announced
Man praying in Mosque
Man praying in Mosque Credit: fatah

Plans were discussed to reopen mosques in Egypt by a parliamentary committee. Mosques need to follow a list of rules, incl. closing toilets, mandatory face masks and restricting entry for children. Mosques were closed in March and can reopen as soon as the Ministry of Health gives the green light to do so.