Vietnam reports first ever Covid-19 death amid new outbreak
Vietnam reports first ever Covid-19 death amid new outbreak
Credit: Mehr News Agency / Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0)

Vietnam has recorded the country's first Covid-19 death on Friday. Patient 428 was a 70-year-old man from Danang, where the virus had reemerged after the country had not seen any cases in 100 days.

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Vietnam starts evacuating 80,000 people from city after first Covid-19 cases in country since April

Three residents tested positive for Covid-19 in Danang, with the first case in the country since April being confirmed on the last weekend. The Vietnamese government has now ordered the evacuation of 80,000 out of the city. As the outside borders of the country are still closed the tourist hotspot Danang had seen lots of domestic tourism.

Everybody that has recently returned from Danang or will now be evacuated is required to quarantine at home for 14 days in order to prevent a further spread of the virus. According to the government, the evacuation will take four days and will be done with chartered airplanes to eleven different Vietnamese cities.

Vietnam so far has reported only 400 confirmed Covid-19 cases and no deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Vietnam reports first Covid-19 case in nearly 100 days
Staff members wearing protective suites in a hospital
Staff members wearing protective suites in a hospital Credit: Mstyslav Chernov / Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

A 57-year-old retired man from Danang is Vietnam's first confirmed Covid-19 patient since April 16. The country had not reported a single case in 100 days and it's unclear how the man contracted the novel Coronavirus. The Health Ministry has announced "extensive screening and testing in all at-risk areas in Danang."

The man, also referred to as Patient 416, had not left the city and only was in contact with neighbours and his grandchildren. According to Vietnam's ministry, the patient is "currently on ventilator support due to respiratory failure."