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Czech Health Minister warns the country could declare coronavirus state of emergency

In a televised debate Sunday, Health Minister Adam Vojtech stated the Czech government could declare a state of emergency if a recent spike in Covid-19 cases continues in the coming days.

Vojtech said: "Should we need to have some deeper measures (against the epidemic), then the emergency state will be necessary."

The Czech Republic reported a total of 48,306 cases as of Saturday, Health Ministry data showed.

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Poland has invaded the Czech Republic in May claims now it was "merely a misunderstanding"

In May Polish soldiers crossed the border to the Czech Republic and set up camp in the foreign country. The soldiers then turned away Czech citizens who wanted to visit a church. The Czech Foreign Ministry has stated that Poland claims that the situation was "merely a misunderstanding" with the soldiers originally being ordered to guard parts of the closed border between Poland and the Czech Republic due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The "Polish soldiers are no longer present" but the Czech Republic still awaits a formal statement from Poland on the situation.