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Cuba: Night curfew and travel restrictions imposed in Havana
Havana Credit: Nick Kenrick (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0)

Cuba has seen a surge of Coronavirus cases since early August. Schools reopened on Tuesday in most of Cuba after five months of being closed.

As Havana is struggling to control a second Coronavirus wave, the city imposed a nightly curfew from 7pm to 5am. Residents will also not be allowed to travel interprovincially.

Cuba reports first day without local Covid-19 transmission in 130 days
Cubans using masks in Havana
Cubans using masks in Havana Credit: Abel Padrón Padilla/Cubadebate

The head of epidemiology at the Ministry of Public Health in Cuba, Francisco Duran, has announced that Cuba has not recorded a single locally transmitted Covid-19 case. The last new case has been reported in the capital city of Havanna on Saturday.

Duran has reminded people to keep up social distancing as the capital remains in the first stage of reopening.

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Trump administration orders Marriott to close hotel in Cuba
Four Points by Sheraton Havana
Four Points by Sheraton Havana Credit: Marriot (Company website reproduction)

Reuters reports that the Trump administration ordered Marriott International to wind down hotel operations in Cuba by the end of August.

Marriott currently operates "The Four Points by Sheraton Havana" hotel in the Cuban capital.

“We have recently received notice that the government-issued license will not be renewed, forcing Marriott to cease operations in Cuba,” a company spokeswoman told Reuters.