Colorado police arrests person who started shooting after told to wear a mask

The Colorado police have arrested a person on suspicion of attempted murder. According to the authorities, the person tried to order at a Waffle House in the Denver suburb Aurora and was told by the staff that he needs to wear a mask in order to place an order for takeout. The suspect allegedly returned at a later point and was turned away again, because he did not wear a mask despite having one with him. According to the police he then returned for the third time and shot the victim as it was running from him.

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Colorado Wild Animal Sanctuary has rescued 39 tigers from zoo shown in "Tiger King" on Netflix

The staff of the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado has rescued 39 tigers and three black bears from the roadside zoo shown in the Netflix documentary "Tiger King". The Chief Science and Welfare Officer at the sanctuary, Becca Miceli, has said how difficult it was seeing the exploitation of the animals with them being held in "small enclosures, the indiscriminate breeding" and other forms of abuse. After rescuing the animals the sanctuary now provides them with large open spaces for the animals to run and decide what they want to do for themselves.

Colorado starts offering free Covid-19 drive through testing

From March 14 on the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment is offering free tests for the coronavirus. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. people can line up with their cars and the first 100-150 vehicles will get tests. The testing is free and proof of insurance is not needed.