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Germany: Background check for civil servants in first state

Brandenburg is the first federal state to introduce a background check for state employees. Above all, compliance with the constitution should be checked and extremist infiltration recognized and combated at an early stage. The powers of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution are also to be expanded: Individuals who radicalize independently of membership in a group should be easier to observe.

This was triggered by individual cases in the federal state and a decision by the Interior Ministers' Conference in 2019.

Government officials consider this step to be necessary because in some places private security forces are better checked than state officials.

Brandenburg wants to abolish the mask requirement for hall events
Face masks
Face masks Credit: De an Sun

Brandenburg, Germany is currently working on a new regulation that will no longer talk about containment, but about everyday handling.

However, the minimum distance of 1.5 meters should still be maintained. Previously Thuringia had already explained that it will lift the mandatory contact restrictions largely.

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Brandenburg parliament: There will be no statewide security concept for museums

The parliament of Brandenburg answered on Friday, that there will be no statewide security concept for museums. Reasons for this decision were, that all buildings and art collections are too specific in the architecture and the way how to secure them.

The party "Freie Wähler" called for measures after the burglaries in the "Bode Museum" in Berlin and the "Grünes Gewölbe" in Dresden.