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German basketbal player Joshiko Saibou fired after protesting Covid-19 restrictions
Joshiko Saibou
Joshiko Saibou Credit: Twitter Reproduction

Basketball player Joshiko Saibou has been released from his contract with German club Telekom Baskets Bonn after participating in protests against Covid-19 measures in Berlin. Saibou, previously, had also been posting conspiracy theories about the virus on social media.
Saibou and his girlfriend, Alexandra Wester, shared photos of their participation in the demonstration against Covid-19 measures on social networks. In the photos both were seen without mouth-nose protection and without distance from other people.
"The German clubs are currently working meticulously on hygiene concepts for the fans next season and for special health and safety guidelines," Bonn managing director Wolfgang Wiedlich said in a statement. "Therefore, we can’t be responsible for a permanent risk of infection, which the player Saibou represents to his teammates and other BBL teams."