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20,000 protest against Covid-19 measures in Berlin, 18 police officers injured

According to police estimations around 20,000 people have attended a protest march against the Covid-19 measures in Germany. Most of the protestors did not wear masks and complied with the hygiene rules, prompting the police to launch legal action against the organizers. The police then tried to break up the protest which has lead to multiple injured officers of which three needed to be hospitalized.

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Berlin: 30,000 passengers without face mask in public transportation
Berlin: 30,000 passengers without face mask in public transportation
Credit: Karimi

After about a month into the enforcement of the mandated mask requirement, the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) has counted 30,000 passengers who were travelling without a mask. In just 200 cases, contractual penalties of €50 were imposed and in 80 cases there were violent attacks on security personnel.

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Germany: Berlin airports begins mass Covid-19 testing
Berlin Tegel Airport
Berlin Tegel Airport Credit: Matti Blume (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

Berlin airports began large scale and free Covid-19 testing on Wednesday. The Berlin Brandenburg Airport Company (FBB), the Charité and the Berlin Senate planned that returnees from high-risk areas could be tested as soon as they land on the German capital.

Passengers with a negative coronavirus test result will not be required to go into the 14 days domestic quarantine.

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Ex-officer accused of human rights crimes in Argentina found living in Berlin
Luis Esteban Kyburg
Luis Esteban Kyburg Credit: Ministerio de Justicia y Derechos Humanos

The former Argentinean commander Luis Esteban Kyburg was located in the Friedrichshain neighbourhood in Berlin. He has lived in the city since 2012.

Kyburg was charged with human rights crimes during Argentina’s dictatorship, as the alleged commander of an elite navy unit believed responsible for the deaths of at least 150 people.

German authorities would refuse the extradition of Kyburg, as he has a German passport, so the decision to initiate criminal action against the repressor is in the hands of the Berlin prosecution.

Berlin: Domestic violence and child abuse cases rise during Covid-19 pandemic
Berlin: Domestic violence and child abuse cases rise during Covid-19 pandemic
Credit: / hoch3media

The violence protection outpatient clinic of the Berlin Charité and the Berlin family courts raised concerns. In the first quarter of 2020, cases of domestic violence and child abuse in court rose 7.5% year over year.

In June 2020, the number of injuries to be treated in the Charité after domestic violence even increased by 30%. Child abuse increased by 23% in the first half of the year.

The Berlin Senator for Justice also makes the lockdown measures responsible.

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Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG): Private security forces will check if people wear masks
Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG): Private security forces will check if people wear masks
Credit: BVG

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe will be one of the first transport operators to relieve the police and monitor compliance with the mask requirement. Two hundred security forces will also punish a refusal ith a € 50 contractual penalty. The decision is intended primarily to relieve the state police, which, in addition to the subways and buses, must also check compliance in other public places.

There will be no controls at Deutsche Bahn AG and thus within the area of responsibility of the Federal Police.

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Bayern Munich secure domestic double after German Cup title
Bayern Munich captain ManuelNeuer lifts the German Pokal trophy
Bayern Munich captain ManuelNeuer lifts the German Pokal trophy Credit: Twitter Reproduction

With Robert Lewandowksi scoring twice in the second half, Bayern Munich added the German Cup silverware to their Bundesliga title after a 4:2 victory over Bayer Leverkusen. The game was played Saturday at the Olympiastadion in Berlin.

Munich now aims for a treble, with Hansi Flick's side focusing on the Champions League tournament, that will take place in Lisbon during August.

Bayern Munich now has 20 German Cup titles in their history.

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Berlin changes racist subway station name
Berlin changes racist subway station name
Credit: BVG Berlin via Twitter

The BVG, Berlin's public transport company, has announced that it would rename the subway station in the city centre named "Mohrenstraße" to "Glinkastraße".

The term "mohr" has been coined throughout colonial times and has a racist background as it was used as a medieval term for people from Northern Africa.

Activists had previously started a petition to rename the station and name-giving street, and had temporarily put up signs naming it "George Floyd Street".

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Alba Berlin is BBL champion after 12 years
Alba Berlin is BBL champion after 12 years
Credit: Twitter Reproduction

Alba Berlin won the BBL title for the 9th time with a 75:74 victory against MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg Sunday at the Audi Dome in Munich. This title is the second 2019/2020 season silverware for Alba, that in February won the German cup.

The last time the team from Berlin won the German title was back in 2008.

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German interior minister Horst Seehofer announces that he will file police report over news article
Picture of Horst Seehofer from 2019
Picture of Horst Seehofer from 2019 Credit: Patrick Büttgen, phoenix (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

The German minister of the Interior, Building and Community Horst Seehofer has publicly announced that he plans on filing a formal report to the police over an opinion piece that was published by the Berlin newspaper "tageszeitung" (taz). In the German publication "Bild" he stated that (translated) "A disinhibition of words inevitably leads to a disinhibition of deeds and to excesses of violence, just as we have now seen in Stuttgart. We must not accept this any longer". The satirically meant article in question had discussed the topic of abolishing the police and mentioned the option that they instead could be put on a landfill.

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German prosecutor accuses Russia of ordering Georgian's murder in Berlin park

Germany top prosecutor have now confirmed that he will seek to prove in court that a Georgian man murdered in Berlin last year was a hit ordered by the Russian government.

On August 23, 2019, a Russian man allegedly murdered a 40-year-old Chechen with Georgian citizenship with three shots in Berlin's Kleiner Tiergarten. The suspect was caught a few hours later, after being seen throwing a wig, a bicycle and a gun into the river Spree.

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Germany sets apartment complex in Berlin-Neukölln under quarantine
Germany sets apartment complex in Berlin-Neukölln under quarantine
Credit: Glen Carrie

After two children developed Covid-19 symptoms, an apartment complex in Berlin Neukölln has been set under quarantine. More than 50 of the residents have tested positive for Covid-19 already as the testing is still ongoing. The district health council Falko Liecke has stated that he isn't sure how many people in total live in the complex, as the data on how many people live in a certain flat is not tracked by the government.

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German Fashion Week moving from Berlin to Frankfurt
Berlin Fashion Week 2013
Berlin Fashion Week 2013 Credit: Patrick Raczek (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

Germany's major biannual fashion event will leave Berlin and move to Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Mayor Peter Feldmann said in a statement "This will transform the financial center of Frankfurt into a new hotspot for the international fashion and lifestyle scene and create a new, international fashion metropolis,".

Organised in Berlin since 2007, Fashion Week has taken place twice a year. The last edition in January drew around 70,000 visitors and dozens of designers.

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Thousands of Germans demonstrate at Black Lives Matter "Silent Demo" against racism
Black Lives Matter "Silent Protest" in Berlin
Black Lives Matter "Silent Protest" in Berlin Credit: Dominik Erhard

In multiple German cities, thousands of people are demonstrating in solidarity with the protests in the United States against racism and police brutality. The police are securing the peaceful protests as the main square "Alexanderplatz" in Berlin is full of people. In the German capital alone, 14 demonstrations have been registered with the police, while protests are being held in 19 German cities. Protesters have been asked to wear black clothing for symbolic reasons.

Berlin state passes own anti-discrimination law, covering potential gaps in federal law
Berlin state passes own anti-discrimination law, covering potential gaps in federal law
Credit: Pablo Hermoso

Taking further the federal General Equal Treatment Act, the Berlin government has explicitly outlawed discriminatory actions from public authorities. German federal law from 2006 covered only discrimination in employment and between private citizens, as the German constitution already prohibits public service discrimination.

Lawmakers believe this will help to address issues of systemic racism, along with explicit awareness of many other unlawful discrimination factors in public service - such as gender, age, sexual identity, religion, disability, illness, worldview, education, occupation or income.

Attack with a chainsaw in Berlin unemployment office

After a verbal argument, because a 44-year-old wasn't able to cash a check at the Berlin unemployment office, the man threatened a security employee to come back with a chainsaw.

Fifteen minutes later he actually appeared in the company of a woman having a chainsaw in hands. Thanks to the quick action of the staff, the entrance to the unemployment office was closed and the police were able to find the perpetrators without anybody getting injured.

Terrorist attack Breitscheidplatz - missing information from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

In addition to the many question marks about the misconduct by the security authorities in Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia, an employee of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania now also plays an unknown role in the terrorist attack that happened in 2016.

Information from sources after the terrorist attack apparently did not reach the investigating Federal Criminal Police Office. What information this was and why the employee reported to the General Attorney General as a witness is currently still unclear.

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Germany backs France in new EU recovery fund proposal

The Franco-German agreement supports a €500 billion recovery fund to be distributed as grants, not requiring direct repayment from the countries receiving the funds. Recognizing the exceptional nature of the challenges posed by the pandemic, this is the first time Berlin has agreed to a plan based on grants instead of loans. The proposal is now in the hands of the European Commission and would require approval from all EU member states.

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Brandenburg parliament: There will be no statewide security concept for museums

The parliament of Brandenburg answered on Friday, that there will be no statewide security concept for museums. Reasons for this decision were, that all buildings and art collections are too specific in the architecture and the way how to secure them.

The party "Freie Wähler" called for measures after the burglaries in the "Bode Museum" in Berlin and the "Grünes Gewölbe" in Dresden.

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Bundesliga to resume season on May 15th
Bundesliga match between Hertha Berlin and Eintracht Frankfurt
Bundesliga match between Hertha Berlin and Eintracht Frankfurt Credit: Érico Andrei (Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0)

The Bundesliga will resume on May 15, the German Football League (DFL) announced today, becoming the first major football league to resume playing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Germany's top politicians approved a plan for the Bundesliga to resume in stadiums without spectators and with players regularly tested.

"Matches will be allowed under the approved rules," said Angela Merkel at a press conference in Berlin.

"After weighing up all the arguments, the DFL Executive Committee decided today... to resume play in the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga from 15 May 2020," the DFL said in a statement to magazine Kicker.