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First school for transgender people opens in Bangladesh
First school for transgender people opens in Bangladesh
Credit: / MChe Lee

In Bangladesh the first Islamic school, where 150 trans people can attend courses free of charge, opens. This is a further step to support the queer community. In 2018, a new law was passed that gave trans people of the "third gender" named there the right to vote and to take up political positions.

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Bangladesh: Thousands of Covid-19 tests allegedly with fake results
Mohammad Shahed
Mohammad Shahed Credit: Twitter (Reproduction)

The hospital owner Mohammad Shahed has been detained by the Bangladesian police as he tried fleeing to India over allegations that clinics in Uttara and Mirpur issued certificates for negative Covid-19 results without testing the patients.

According to police spokesman Colonel Ashique Billah that had talked to AFP Shahed's "hospitals carried out 10,500 coronavirus tests, out of which 4,200 were genuine and the rest, 6,300 test reports, were given without conducting tests". Over a dozen people have been arrested following the allegations of fake test results.

Bangladesh: 2,423 new coronavirus cases, 57,563 total
BSMMU Hospital
BSMMU Hospital Credit: BSMMU (Reproduction)

Bangladesh is seeing a rapid rise in coronavirus cases. The South Asian country had 2,423 new coronavirus infections and 35 deaths in 24 hours. 57,563 infections, 12,161 recoveries and 781 fatalities have been counted in Bangladesh as of today.

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H&M prepares to use its capacities to supply EU with protective gear for hospitals

According to Reuters, H&M has agreed to supply the EU with protective gear for hospitals with an emphasis on face masks. After an initial offer by H&M the company and EU representatives had agreed on using the companies global network of suppliers, mainly located in China, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam, to curb the evergrowing demand after protective gear for hospitals. This will in the initial phase come in the form of a donation by the company. Inditex, owner of the brand Zara and a main competitor of H&M, had before made a similiar offer to the country of Spain.