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Survey shows half of UK women see set back in gender equality due to pandemic

A Mumsnet poll for International Women’s Day has shown that over half of the women in the United Kingdom think that the pandemic has set back gender equality decades. Since the start of the pandemic, women have been more likely to lose their job and be furloughed while taking care of household chores and their children's needs and education. Women have reported that, while their male partners were able to work uninterrupted, they had to reduce their work hours to take care of childcare.

“This survey paints a fairly depressing picture of how gender inequality has been exacerbated during the pandemic, with women really struggling to cope,” said Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts. “What’s needed is a proper women’s strategy, with specific policies to redress the inequality that’s been triggered by Covid, or we’re at real risk of heading right back to the 1970s with regard to women’s economic power.”

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