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Swedish Government to vote on supplementary provisions to UK/EU Withdrawal Agreement

Today, 10 November 2020, the Swedish Government 'Riksdag' will onboard their supplementary provisions to the Article 50 Withdrawal Agreement that was initiated when the United Kingdom left the European Union.

The main supplementary provision is a new visa for British Expats who are legally residing in Sweden by the last day of the transition period. British people (who don't already have residence status) would be able to apply to the Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) for the new visa for a period of 10 months from 01 December 2020.

Once granted, the visa will enable the holder to continue to travel freely within the EU without visas.

The Riksdag are poised to confirm and accept the provisions in their vote tomorrow (11/11/20) on the recommendation from The Social Insurance Committee.

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