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Hong Kong real-estate tycoon proposes city for 50,000 Hong Kong emigrants in Ireland

The real-estate tycoon Ivan Ko has proposed plans to build a city from scratch on Ireland between Dublin and Belfast for 50,000 emigrants from Hong Kong.

Originally he had planned to find a 500 sq km site to build his vision for 500,000 Hongkongers but drastically scaled that down after he talked to the Irish government. He stated that "we found out that replicating the Hong Kong model was not suitable, as if we were imposing something, and that Hong Kong people would be seen as segregated from the rest of the population. So we changed to another model".

The new city will be called Nextpolis and follow the political system of the host country and should integrate with local business as he wants to build a "new city to let Hong Kong people live together" and "maximise the benefits to both sides".

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