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German initiative starts three year basic income pilot project - over 160,000 applications on first day

The German Institute for Economic Research in Berlin and the non-profit association Mein Grundeinkommen e.V. (‘My Basic Income Association’) have partnered to start a basic income pilot project.

In total 1,500 people will participate in the basic income study out of which 120 people will receive €1,200 per month. The remaining 1,380 people will be part of a control group. The study question that will be evaluated is: "What would be the maximum benefit of an idealized basic income without a financing model?"

From 2022 and 2023 on the initiative aims to try other forms of basic income such as topping up existing monthly income up to €1,200 and another one where all participants receive €1,200, which is offset against a simulated tax of 50 percent on all other income. The difference will be paid out.

Every person 18 and older that has a primary residence registered in Germany can apply to be part of the study. As of writing over 160,000 people have applied during the first day. The project is financed by private people via crowdfunding.

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