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#MeTooInceste: Olivier Duhamel's incest allegations prompt survivors to speak out on Twitter

The Twitter campaign "#MeTooInceste" was started by NousToutes activist known as Marie Chenevance after French political commentator, Olivier Duhamel was accused of abusing his teenage stepson. Thousands of French survivors of incest spoke out about their own abuse experiences on Twitter.


  • "I was 11 the first time, I thought it was by accident that he touched my private area, and later realized that it can’t be, because he was clearly sober. #metooinceste."
  • "I was 13, him 26. He was my uncle."
  • "I was six years old when the touching started, 15 when I had to live maritally with my father, be prostituted and raped on his order, 16 when I had to abort his work, 17 when I denounced him and was rejected by the family."
  • "I was between 11 and 14 years old. It was my brother. I'm 57 years old and I am still a victim of this past."
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