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Trump hosts press conference at his New Jersey Golf Club, claims Covid-19 is disappearing, accuses Democrats of election cheating

On Friday, President Donald Trump hosted a press conference at his New Jersey golf club where he spoke to a group of patrons, most of which were not social distancing nor wearing masks, a violation of New Jersey's Covid-19 gathering capacity limit.

During his speech, Trump claims that the Coronavirus was "disappearing", even though the US reported over 42,000 cases on Friday, and again attributed the number of cases to the large number of tests, stating that more tests lead to more cases. When asked about social distancing, Trump said it was a "political activity" and called his audience a "peaceful protest."

Trump further accused Democrats of "election cheating", saying that "the Democrats are cheating on the election. Because that's exactly what they're doing. If you look at what they're doing even with these negotiations. That's an influence, and an unfair influence, on an election."

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