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RNC, Night 4: Ivanka Trump introduced Donald Trump, praises his leadership

On the fourth day of the Republican National Convention, Ivanka Trump introduced her father Donald Trump, saying: "Four years ago, I introduced you to a builder, an entrepreneur, an outsider and the people's nominee for president of the United States. Tonight, I stand before you as the proud daughter of the people's president."

Ms Trump called her father the "champion of the American worker, defender of common sense and our voice for the forgotten men and women of this country," and describes that she has witnessed "him make some of the most difficult decisions of his life" and "seen the pain in his eyes when he receives updates on the lives that have been stolen by this plague."

Addressing his tweets, Ms Trump said that the president's tweets "can feel a bit unfiltered," but "the results speak for themselves."

"America doesn't need another empty vessel who will do whatever the media and the fringe of his party demands. Now more than ever, America needs four more years of a Warrior in the White House," she ended her speech.

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