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French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe resigns
French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe resigns
Credit: Mueller / MSC (Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)

Ahead of changes in the French government prime minister Edouard Philippe has resigned from office. President Emmanuel Macron is aiming to change multiple positions in order to win back voters as his popularity has dropped in polls. One of the presidents' main goals is to cater to climate and environmental topics. Edouard Philippe can still be re-appointed as French prime minister as it is expected that the prime minister resigns before a government shuffle.

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French citizen council decides on climate tax, inland flight ban and other matters
French citizen council decides on climate tax, inland flight ban and other matters
Credit: / Dorian Hurst

The citizen council established by the French president Emmanuel Macron has decided on multiple climate change matters. Following their vote dividends from companies over €10 million should provide a 4% fee for climate purposes, inland flights should be banned from 2025 on, and highway speed limited to 100 kilometres per hour among other decisions. The council is composed of 150 randomly selected people with the aim to represent a miniature France through people that come from different parts of the society and are representative for the demographics of the French population. The decisions are non binding but president Macron has announced that he'll hold a referendum on the questions to amend the constitution to include the protection of the environment and the question if the "ecocide" should be made a criminal offence.

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French ex-Prime Minister François Fillon found guilty of embezzling public funds
Former French prime minister François Fillon
Former French prime minister François Fillon Credit: European People's Party (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

The former French prime minister François Fillon and his wife, Penelope Fillon, were sentenced to jail for embezzling public funds. The conservative politician was found guilty of paying his wife and two of the couple’s children €1.156 million for work they never did as parliamentary aides.

He was sentenced to five years in prison, three of them suspended, and to pay a €375,000 fine. She was given a three-year suspended term.

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France: Controversial police chokehold method to be banned
Christophe Castaner, during a meeting with Emmanuel Macron in 2016
Christophe Castaner, during a meeting with Emmanuel Macron in 2016 Credit: clement vaillant / CC0 (Creative Commons CC0 Waiver)

France's Minister of Interior Christophe Castaner announced the ban of controversial police chokehold method. French police watchdog reported over 1500 complaints filed against police officers last year. In a press conference Castaner said the chokehold would no longer be taught in police and gendarmerie schools and that racism did not have a place in the country's society.

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France: StopCovid contact-tracing app released
StopCovid App
StopCovid App Credit: StopCovid France, Gouvernement Francais; Mockup via AhmED ElqSas

StopCovid is available to download in France since June 2nd. The app uses Bluetooth to connect with nearby phones. If someone tests positive for coronavirus, the app will alert people who had been in contact with that person. The app sparked a lot of debate over privacy issues and laws.

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"Freedom will become the rule, bans the exception", France's PM Philippe on lockdown easing

Restaurants and bars will reopen in all of France's green areas where the spread of the virus has slowed. In Paris, still an orange area, eateries are only allowed to reopen outside terraces. Édouard Philippe said, "Freedom will become the rule, bans the exception". Travel bans will also be lifted as of June 2nd.

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French Prime Minister announces that "significant" pay raises for workers in health care

The French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced that as part of an overhaul of the countries hospital system, the workers in health care would "without any ambiguity" receive "significant" raises in their pay. The countries starting salaries for nurses are currently among the lowest in the OECD group.

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Drone surveillance banned by the French State Council

Since the 11th of May, end of the COVID-19 full-lockdown in France, the French government is using drones in Paris to ensure citizens are applying the post-lockdown rules properly.

Today, after a complain from different NGOs, the French State Council, highest administrative court in France, considered drone surveillance was a dangerous threat to privacy, and ordered the Government to stop their usage immediately.

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France set to Impose a two-week coronavirus quarantine for travellers

Health Minister Olivier Veran stated travelers to France, including citizens returning home, will be imposed a two-week quarantine and possible isolation when they arrive in the country to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

Veran said the duration and conditions of quarantine for asymptomatic people and isolation for those showing symptoms of COVID-19 would be defined in a decree to be published.

Decisions to isolate people would be scrutinized by judges to ensure they are justified and fair, he added.