Cheese thieves caught in the Netherlands thanks to cheese stamp

300 large round cheese loaves were stolen by unknown persons from a farm in the Netherlands. The duo was caught trying to sell their loot worth €40,000 online, the police announced on Tuesday in Lichtenvoorde near the Westphalian border. What the perpetrators - a 19-year-old woman and a 21-year-old man - did not consider was that each of the cheese wheels weighing twelve kilos is individually marked.

Cheese producer Johannes Weenink told the "Algemeen Dagblad": "Based on our cheese stamp and an individual number on each cheese, we were able to prove that the cheese loaves belonged to the stolen batch". So far, the police have only been able to seize ten of the 300 cheese loaves. Whether the duo only acted as dealers or is also responsible for the break-in at Käsehof is still to be determined.

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