Canadian man faces court for traffic endangerment after sleeping in self-driving Tesla

Eyewitnesses had noticed a Tesla Model S between Edmonton and Calgary on July 9 this year. The car, according to the police report, appeared at first glance to be driving along Highway 2 without a driver. No one was visible behind the wheel.

It wasn't until police stopped the vehicle that the mystery was revealed. Two people were in the vehicle. However, both the driver. Leran C., as well as passenger had slept and for it the back of their seats completely backward folded. The car, which was traveling at up to 150 km/h, was controlled by the "autopilot" feature of the onboard software.

The incident not only earned the 20-year-old a one-day suspension of his driver's license for drowsy driving, but also a charge of traffic endangerment and speeding.

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