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Neil Young publishes open letter to Donald Trump

Neil Young publishes open letter to Donald Trump
Neil Young performing with Paul McCartney on October 8, 2016 Credit: Raph_PH / Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)

Neil Young, who previously voiced his aversion over the president's usage of his music, has published an open letter to Donald Trump on the official Neil Young Archives website.

Young writes: "Dear Mr. President: Although I have repeatedly asked you to please not use my music because it indicates that I support your agenda, you have always played my songs anyway at your gatherings, with no regard for my rights, even calling me names on twitter. I did notice that you played my music at your latest rally in Dakota despite my previous requests."

Young, who has condemned Trump and his actions on multiple occasions, further states that he wouldn't sue Trump as he was in charge of the Covid-19 response and wouldn't want to distract him from "protecting and saving American lives". He ends the letter with the suggestion that Trump might listen to his song "Looking For a Leader 2020," as Young believes "it would be an interesting addition to your next rally."

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