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Corona safe test festivals are held in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is planning test events to determine whether live events with audiences can be held safely. The test also includes two outdoor festivals.

Data and information on the risk of contamination at large events will also be collected. The events include soccer matches, a cabaret show and a conference, as well as two outdoor festivals.

Each of the festivals will feature 1500 visitors, who will have to show a negative Corona test beforehand. At the entrance, body temperature will be measured and a portion of the ravers will be randomly subjected to a Corona quick test.

Everyone will also receive a lanyard with a special tag that will make it possible to record contacts with others and their duration. Apart from that and the pre-festival procedure, as well as the use of mouth-nose protection, the festival is supposed to proceed like a "normal" festival. On the site you can move freely and there are several stages.

me, myself and I .... and burgers - of course!
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