Pendect – a crowdsourced, peer-reviewed TL;DR news platform

Pendect is a news platform that’s built on community contribution, news transparency and individual content personalization. Easily put together a news feed that covers all your interests - whether it's politics, sports or local news from your hometown.

We here at Pendect believe that the news should be unbiased, impartial and as neutral as possible so that everyone can form their own opinion about what's going on the world. This has been proven difficult in a journalistic climate in which political bias has become a selling point and minority voices are still being suppressed.

While we still see the value of lengthy opinion pieces and political leaning news coverage as a form of supporting one's own opinion, we find it crucial to have a platform that offers factual, unbiased as well as succinct summaries.

This is where Pendect comes into play. We chose to forgo the medium of articles in favour of short snippets - or TL;DRs - to break down all relevant information of an event into the length of a tweet or two.

We believe news is made by the people for the people, therefore we're introducing a community and civic-engagement based platform where everyone can contribute as a so called Pentributor. Pentributors scour the internet for newsworthy information, summarise them as precisely as possible and publish them on Pendect.

As we found it almost impossible to keep track of the events we are invested in, we implemented a personalised feed for our users where they can follow not only categories but also people, organisations and locations to keep up to date on everything they care about. By creating topics, we also are able to provide timelines of current high-profile events in which all information is collected and available within seconds.

Pendect is currently in its Beta testing phase. Therefore we're currently only accepting contributions to two categories (Politics and Health) to make sure everything runs smoothly before opening up other categories.

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