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After a year marked by countless achievements and a lot of challenges, we here at Pendect have decided to cease operations. This decision comes with a heavy heart and after many difficult conversations in the team. We truly believe that the current news environment needs a makeover, a fresh perspective and an open, community-sourced and diverse approach.

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Recent News

Makeshift Covid-19 quarantine center in China collapses

The Xinjia Express Hotel in Quanzhou, in the Chinese province of Fujian, has collapsed. The Hotel was used as a quarantine center for coronavirus patients. Following officials around 70 people were in the building at the time of the collapse.

Sanders demands scientists to be in charge of Covid-19 response

The presidential nominee contender and Senator Bernie Sanders wrote in an opinion article for USA Today, that instead of politicians scientists should be in charge of the coronavirus response. He criticizes that Vice President Mike Pence has been appointed to lead the task force and demands different measures such as Trump signing "the  bipartisan emergency funding passed by the House, and the administration should provide any additional resources needed by state and local agencies on the frontlines of this effort."

Senators announce: US will miss Covid-19 test goals

After a meeting with health officials, Republican Senator Rick Scott and other senators announced that "there won't be a million people to get a test by the end of the week". They claimed that the numbers will be way smaller, that the government is still sending out test kits and people need to be trained for their proper usage.

Italy put on lockdown by prime minister

Following the spread of the coronavirus the prime minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte introduced a travel ban for the whole country. Together with this nonessential travel and all public gatherings are prohibited. Leaving the home is only allowed for essential work, family emergencies and health care situations. This includes the cancellation of all sporting events including the football Serie A.

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Sanders announces that winner of plurality of delegates should be Democratic nominee

The Democratic presidential contender Senator Bernie Sanders announced that the winner of a plurality of delegates would be the winner of the Democratic nomination. If Biden "has more votes than me, he's the winner", Sanders said. He added that superdelegates voting for the contender without the plurality of votes would be damaging to the Democratic Party.

Pope Francis cancels regular public appearances to prevent Covid-19 spread

Following the increasing spread of the coronavirus in Italy, the Pope has cancelled his public appearances. The regular addresses on Sundays and Wednesdays will be held privately inside the official papal library in the Vatican's Apostolic Palace. The Vatican stated that both will be streamed on the internet.

China: Man dies after being recovered from coronavirus and discharged from hospital

Five days after being discharged from a makeshift hospital in Wuhan a 36-year-old man, who was previously admitted and treated for the coronavirus, died of respiratory failure. His wife stated that he was not feeling well two days after being back home from the hospital. The Wuhan health commission issued a death certificate that stated that the cause of death was Covid-19.

North Korean Dictator sends support letter to South Korea over COVID-19

A personal letter from Kim Jong-un, North Korea's Dictator, has been delivered to South Korea's president Moon Jae-in. In the letter, Kim Jong-un expresses his support to fight the coronavirus. He also wished for good health. Following this Moon returned a letter to North Korea to express his gratitude for the quiet support.

Two Republican politicians in self-quarantine after being in contact with Donald Trump

Following the exposure to a CPAC attendee that has been diagnosed with the coronavirus the republican politicians Doug Collins and Matt Gaetz have entered self-quarantine. Both are said to have had contact with Donald Trump before.

Uber announces that drivers and delivery people will get 14 days of sick leave if they get coronavirus

While the ride-share service classifies drivers and delivery people as independent contractors, that are not eligible for benefits such as paid sick days, health insurance or other - they announced that due to the coronavirus spread those people would get 14 days of sick leave if infected.

Annual St. Patrick's Day parade in San Francisco canceled following covid-19

The Governor of California Gavin Christopher Newsom  issued an emergency declaration to prepare for a broader spread of covid-19. Following this San Francisco canceled the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival which were scheduled for March 14th.

South by Southwest conference cancelled following coronavirus spread

As the covid-19 virus spreads in the United States the conference SXSW has been canceled. It was scheduled for March 13th to 22nd 2020. The Austin Mayor Steve Adler has issued an order to cancel the conference in order to stop the virus from spreading further. The conference organizers write that they are planning on providing an online experience to offset the cancellation.

Donald Trump says he would have people stay on cruise ship and not come on land to keep Covid-19 numbers low

The president said during a visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that he would like to have people stay on a cruise ship near San Francisco in order to keep "the numbers being where they are", referencing the current number of infected people by the coronavirus. He doesn't want to "have the numbers double" saying that the infected people on the ship weren't the US's fault.

Northern California nurse that got in contact with coronavirus patient got denied testing

The National Nurses President Deborah Burger read out a statement from a nurse that says she is sick and in quarantine after caring for an infected patient. She says the National CDC so far is not initiating the test since she wore the recommended protective equipment and therefore she "wouldn't have the coronavirus". Later the National CDC said they have a problem with her identifier number.

White House overruled Center for Disease Control and Prevention's advice that old people should not fly

While the Center for Disease Control and Prevention wanted to recommend that people of higher age and people that are physically fragile should not fly, the White House overturned the plans. The air travel recommendation was removed following an inside source of the Associated Press.

Publishers and content creators to lose out on advertising revenue due to coronavirus

The relevant terms for the display of advertising and monetization of content in the context of the pandemic such as "coronavirus" or "covid 19" are climbing in ranks in advertisement blocklists. This means that the related content won't be able to be monetized through the advertising networks of major publishers such as YouTube.

Google cancels in person attendance to developer conference I/O due to Covid-19

All ticket holders will be refunded by March 13 and are getting the option to purchase a ticket for the 2021 edition of the conference. Google says they will "explore other ways" in order to reach out to the developer community. The cancellation follows the guidance of health authorities such as the WHO as a precaution to stop the coronavirus from spreading further.

Student builds website with Covid-19 data overview

The high school student Avi Schiffmann build a website that shows current statistics on the spread of the coronavirus. Next to the numbers of known cases and the countries that they are in, the website shows the severity of the infections and the numbers of cured people.

New York cleans all 472 subway stations and plans on doing it every night until Corona is contained

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced that all buses, trains and stations are being disinfected and cleaned. They plan on doing so every three days, with the stations even cleaned every day. Currently the MTA has around 2,000 subway cars, nearly 2000 buses and 472 stations. The measure follows a second person in New York being positively tested for the coronavirus.

Vietnam health ministry says that all 16 infected patients have been cured

With no new recorded cases in Vietnam since February 13, the health ministry announced that all 16 known infected patients have been cured of the coronavirus.